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Don't get caught on stage without the right ammo! The Jimmy is a perfect arsenal of warm cleans, vintage dirt, and crunchy gain. The Jimmy even has a stackable gain system for when you want to bring out the heavy artillary!

This thing is awesome! Make sure you watch the videos to get a good idea of what this bad boy can do!
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I've never played any amp and found my tone right off of the bat. With the Jimmy, my tone was perfect from the first note.
Gordy Pettipas / Winner - Hutchinson Blues Guitar Competition
Holy Crap! When's this thing coming out? I want one now!!
Myles Willis / Dead Man's Hand
This is exactly the amp I was looking for! I'll take seven of them!
I built this amp for myself. It's got a vintage tone, smooth cleans, and a gnarly American high gain. It's the only amp I'll ever need.
Chris Mitchell / Founder of Devilcat Amplifiers
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